In the Footsteps of Macunaíma - Leisure and Work in the City - Célio Turino

In the Footsteps of Macunaíma - Leisure and Work in the City - Célio Turino

In the Footsteps of Macunaíma: Leisure and Work in the City

In his book "In the Footsteps of Macunaíma - Leisure and Work in the City", Célio Turino takes readers on a journey through the vibrant streets of São Paulo, Brazil, exploring the complex relationship between leisure and work in the modern metropolis. Through the lens of the iconic Brazilian trickster figure, Macunaíma, Turino weaves together history, anthropology, and personal narrative to paint a vivid portrait of a city in constant flux.

A City of Contrasts

São Paulo is a city of stark contrasts, where towering skyscrapers cast shadows over bustling favelas, and the sounds of samba music mingle with the roar of traffic. Turino captures this dichotomy through his exploration of the city's diverse leisure and work spaces, from the luxurious shopping malls of the wealthy elite to the crowded street markets where the working class eke out a living.

The Role of Leisure

Leisure, Turino argues, is not simply a respite from work, but an integral part of urban life. He examines the various ways in which Paulistanos (residents of São Paulo) use leisure to express their identities, negotiate social hierarchies, and cope with the challenges of living in a rapidly changing city. From the football (soccer) matches that bring people together to the private clubs that offer a haven for the privileged, leisure becomes a lens through which to understand the social fabric of São Paulo.

The Changing Nature of Work

Turino also explores the changing nature of work in the globalized economy, as traditional industries decline and new forms of employment emerge. He follows the stories of individuals navigating the precarious job market, from street vendors to office workers, revealing the struggles and aspirations of those trying to make a living in a city where competition is fierce.

Macunaíma as a Symbol

Throughout the book, Turino uses the figure of Macunaíma as a symbol of the city's contradictions and complexities. Macunaíma, a trickster figure from Brazilian folklore, embodies the duality of human nature, capable of both great cunning and profound laziness. Turino draws parallels between Macunaíma's escapades and the experiences of Paulistanos, highlighting the ways in which people navigate the challenges of urban life with a mix of ingenuity and resilience.

A Must-Read for Urban Studies Enthusiasts

"In the Footsteps of Macunaíma - Leisure and Work in the City" is a must-read for anyone interested in urban studies, anthropology, or the complexities of modern life. Célio Turino's engaging writing style and insightful analysis make this book an essential addition to the bookshelf of anyone seeking to understand the dynamics of a rapidly changing world.

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