Capa do Livro Top Gun #12 - The Most Famous Warplanes - Editora Globo

Top Gun #12 - The Most Famous Warplanes - Editora Globo

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Top Gun #12 - The Most Famous Warplanes

A History of Aviation's Most Iconic Aircraft

From the Wright brothers' first flight to the cutting-edge stealth bombers of today, Top Gun #12 takes you on a thrilling journey through the history of aviation's most iconic warplanes.

Over 150 Aircraft Profiles

With over 150 detailed profiles, this book covers every major warplane from the past century, including:

  • The legendary P-51 Mustang
  • The fearsome B-17 Flying Fortress
  • The versatile F-4 Phantom II
  • The supersonic MiG-25 Foxbat
  • And many more!

Packed with Photos and Illustrations

Top Gun #12 is packed with over 200 stunning photos and illustrations, bringing these legendary aircraft to life.

The Perfect Gift for Aviation Enthusiasts

Whether you're a lifelong aviation enthusiast or just getting started, Top Gun #12 is the perfect book for you. Order your copy today and experience the thrill of flight!

Why You'll Love This Book

  • Over 150 detailed profiles of the most iconic warplanes
  • Packed with over 200 stunning photos and illustrations
  • The perfect gift for aviation enthusiasts
  • A must-have for any library on military history

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