Capa do Livro Total English Elementary - Student's Book - Mark Foley Diane Hall

Total English Elementary - Student's Book - Mark Foley Diane Hall

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Total English Elementary - Student's Book: A Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Basic English


"Total English Elementary - Student's Book" by Mark Foley and Diane Hall is an exceptional resource designed for individuals seeking to establish a solid foundation in the English language. This comprehensive book caters to beginners, providing a structured and engaging approach to learning essential grammar, vocabulary, and communication skills. With its user-friendly format and abundance of practice exercises, "Total English Elementary" ensures a successful and enjoyable learning experience.

Key Features:

1. Clear and Concise Explanations:

  • The book presents grammar concepts and vocabulary in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner, making it accessible to learners of all backgrounds.

2. Engaging Activities:

  • Each unit is packed with a variety of interactive exercises, including reading comprehension, listening tasks, speaking practice, and writing assignments, ensuring a well-rounded language learning experience.

3. Real-World Scenarios:

  • The book incorporates authentic texts and dialogues, allowing learners to apply their knowledge to real-life situations and develop practical communication skills.

4. Comprehensive Vocabulary Building:

  • "Total English Elementary" introduces a wide range of essential vocabulary, accompanied by clear definitions and examples, helping learners expand their linguistic repertoire.

5. Pronunciation Practice:

  • The book includes dedicated sections on pronunciation, providing guidance on proper articulation and intonation, ensuring learners develop accurate pronunciation skills.

Benefits of Using "Total English Elementary":

1. Structured Learning:

  • The book follows a logical progression, building upon previously learned concepts and gradually introducing more complex material, ensuring a systematic and effective learning process.

2. Confidence Building:

  • With its emphasis on practical application and positive reinforcement, "Total English Elementary" helps learners gain confidence in their ability to communicate effectively in English.

3. Exam Preparation:

  • The book aligns with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and prepares learners for international language proficiency exams, such as the Cambridge English: Key (KET) exam.

4. Supplementary Resources:

  • The book comes with access to online resources, including audio recordings, interactive exercises, and additional practice materials, enhancing the learning experience beyond the classroom.


"Total English Elementary - Student's Book" is an indispensable resource for individuals embarking on their English language learning journey. Its comprehensive approach, engaging activities, and user-friendly design make it an ideal choice for beginners seeking to build a strong foundation in English. Invest in your language skills and unlock a world of opportunities with "Total English Elementary."