Capa do Livro Tournament Poker For Advanced Players - David Sklansky

Tournament Poker For Advanced Players - David Sklansky

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Tournament Poker For Advanced Players: Mastering the Art of Winning Poker Tournaments


In the world of poker, few names carry as much weight as David Sklansky. A legendary player, author, and instructor, Sklansky has dedicated his life to mastering the game of poker and sharing his knowledge with others. His latest book, Tournament Poker For Advanced Players, is a comprehensive guide to tournament poker strategy that is essential reading for any serious player looking to take their game to the next level.

What You'll Learn

Tournament Poker For Advanced Players covers everything you need to know to succeed in poker tournaments, from the basics of tournament play to advanced strategies and techniques. Sklansky starts by discussing the different types of tournaments and their unique challenges, then delves into the essential elements of tournament strategy, including:

  • Hand selection: Learn how to select the best hands to play in different tournament situations, taking into account factors such as your position, stack size, and the antes.
  • Position: Understand the importance of position and how to use it to your advantage, both in terms of preflop and postflop play.
  • Stack management: Master the art of managing your stack effectively, including when to raise, fold, and bluff.
  • Tournament psychology: Learn how to read your opponents and exploit their weaknesses, and how to maintain your composure under pressure.

Why You Need This Book

Tournament Poker For Advanced Players is not just another poker book. It's a comprehensive, in-depth guide that will give you the tools and knowledge you need to succeed in poker tournaments. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, this book is a must-read for anyone who wants to take their poker game to the next level.

Bonus Material

In addition to the wealth of information contained in the book, Tournament Poker For Advanced Players also includes a number of bonus materials, including:

  • Access to Sklansky's online training videos: Get access to hours of video content from Sklansky himself, where he breaks down key concepts and strategies in more detail.
  • Exclusive access to Sklansky's private poker forum: Join a community of like-minded poker players and discuss strategy, get feedback on your play, and learn from the best.
  • A free copy of Sklansky's book, The Theory of Poker: Get a copy of Sklansky's classic book on poker theory, which provides a foundation for understanding the game at a deeper level.


Tournament Poker For Advanced Players is the ultimate guide to tournament poker strategy. If you're serious about taking your poker game to the next level, this book is a must-read. Order your copy today and start your journey to poker tournament success!