Capa do Livro Treatise on Botany - Gola/Negri/Cappelletti

Treatise on Botany - Gola/Negri/Cappelletti

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Treatise on Botany - Gola/Negri/Cappelletti

A Comprehensive Guide to the Plant Kingdom

Discover the fascinating world of plants with this comprehensive and beautifully illustrated treatise on botany.

Uncover the Secrets of Plant Life

From the smallest mosses to the tallest trees, plants are an essential part of our planet. They provide us with food, oxygen, and shelter, and they play a vital role in the environment. But how do plants work? What are their different parts? And how do they reproduce?

Explore the Plant Kingdom

This comprehensive treatise on botany will answer all of your questions about plants. Written by three leading experts in the field, it covers everything from the basics of plant biology to the latest advances in plant research.

Lavishly Illustrated with Over 1,000 Images

With over 1,000 beautiful illustrations, this book brings the plant kingdom to life. You'll see close-up images of plant cells, flowers, fruits, and seeds. You'll also see diagrams of plant structures and processes.

Perfect for Students and Plant Enthusiasts

Whether you're a student of botany or simply a plant enthusiast, this book is a must-have. It's the perfect way to learn more about the fascinating world of plants.

Topics Covered

  • Plant structure and function
  • Plant reproduction
  • Plant genetics
  • Plant evolution
  • Plant ecology
  • Plant conservation

Why You'll Love This Book

  • Comprehensive and authoritative
  • Beautifully illustrated
  • Easy to understand
  • Perfect for students and plant enthusiasts

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