Capa do Livro Trust in Love - Osho

Trust in Love - Osho

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Trust in Love: A Guide to Finding and Keeping Love

In his book Trust in Love, Osho, the world-renowned spiritual leader, offers a unique and profound perspective on love and relationships. Drawing from his deep understanding of human nature, Osho challenges conventional notions of love and provides practical insights into how we can cultivate trust, intimacy, and lasting happiness in our relationships.

The Essence of Love

Osho begins by exploring the true essence of love, arguing that it is not a mere emotion or feeling, but rather a state of being. He emphasizes the importance of going beyond the superficial aspects of love and delving into the deeper realms of our consciousness, where true love resides.

The Role of Trust

Osho emphasizes the crucial role of trust in building and sustaining healthy relationships. He argues that trust is not something that can be demanded or forced, but rather something that must be earned through genuine vulnerability and openness. By learning to trust ourselves and others, we can create a foundation for deep and fulfilling relationships.

Overcoming Fear and Insecurity

One of the key obstacles to trust in relationships is fear and insecurity. Osho offers practical advice on how to overcome these negative emotions and cultivate a sense of self-worth and self-confidence. By embracing our true selves and accepting our vulnerabilities, we can open ourselves up to the possibility of true love.

Communication and Understanding

Osho highlights the importance of effective communication and understanding in relationships. He encourages couples to engage in honest and open dialogue, sharing their thoughts, feelings, and desires without fear of judgment. By truly listening to each other and seeking to understand each other's perspectives, we can build bridges of connection and intimacy.

The Art of Forgiveness

In the journey of love, forgiveness plays a vital role. Osho teaches us how to let go of past hurts and resentments, and embrace the power of forgiveness. By releasing the burden of the past, we can create space for healing and growth, allowing our relationships to flourish.

The Path to Lasting Happiness

Ultimately, Osho guides us towards the path of lasting happiness in love. He emphasizes the importance of self-love, self-acceptance, and the cultivation of inner peace. By aligning ourselves with our true selves and living in the present moment, we can experience the transformative power of love and create fulfilling relationships that bring joy and contentment.


Trust in Love is a profound and insightful exploration of love and relationships, offering a unique perspective that challenges conventional beliefs and provides practical guidance for those seeking to find and cultivate lasting happiness in their lives. Osho's wisdom and compassion shine through every page, making this book a must-read for anyone who desires to experience the transformative power of love.